Spanish Nutrition Society

Working Groups

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Marcela González Gross
  • Ascensión Marcos Sánchez
  • Luis Moreno Aznar

This Working Group is an initiative of the Spanish Society of Nutrition at the growing scientific evidence that a healthy diet must be framed in the context of a Healthy Lifestyle (along with physical activity, health and mental and emotional balance) . Thus, nutrition falls squarely within the concept of wellness in the sense that health professionals should focus health and optimal health. This applies not only in the absence of disease and conflicts, but also to problems or illnesses, which has to maintain the best health possible.


  • Integrate current knowledge of nutrition with the other aspects that are part of healthy lifestyle.
  • Deepening the nutrition-physical activity, nutrition-sport nutrition-physical condition, nutrition-sedentary lifestyle, nutrition-cognitive function pairs
  • Organize forums for scientific discussion.
  • Provide Continuing Education on nutrition and healthy lifestyle for health professionals, teachers, and other professional life.
  • Develop reference guides BLEEP partners and professionals in nutrition and health.